Welcome To 4AV Cattery

At the 4AV Cattery in Ravenshoe, North Queensland, we pride ourselves on providing a home away from home for your furry friend, our focus is on felines!

We provide spacious boarding facilities for cats from The Tableands, Cairns and surrounding areas.

The 4AV Cattery is serviced by Jodie Austin a Vetinary Nurse with over 15 years experience and has 24 hour vetenary facilities.

Each cat has there very own secure are spacious 2 story enclosure to call home for the duration of their stay at the 4AV Cattery. Individual enclosures help Jodie to ensure that your furry friend is eating and doing all the normal things that cats do!

Meet Our Team

Jodie Austin
Jodie AustinOwner/Operator
Jodie is a passionate feline friend and Vet Nurse. Your beloved felines are nurtured and cared for be Jodie and her family whilst staying at 4AV Cattery.
MortishaMinister for War and Finance
Mortisha is the office ‘boss’, but loves working hard supporting the office staff at the 4AV Stockfeed Shed and Veterinary Clinic.
OthersFeline Friends
As our “Focus is on Felines” we have a fabulous family feel at 4AV, where our felines can mingle with their friends.